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Well I just spent the last half and hour or so writting up this blog thing only to have it disappear before my eyes. To be honest I would like nothing more then to just throw this computer to the floor. However, in my tieme here in Chulucanas I have learned patience. Therefore I will try to rewrite what I had written before. I apoligize if its a little short. Today we had the privelledge of being able to go and see the ordination of two new Augustinian priests in Morropon. Monsignor took the lead in the mass dressed in his bishop costume. It was a lovely ceremony with the cathedral filled with family, friends, and random people like us. It was great to be able to meet and greet so many Augustinians from all over Peru. There is definatly something about these Augies that they all have in common, they are all wonderfully nice people. We were able to share a mass and lunch with them and had a very nice time. The strange thing is that this might be a typical Saturday for us. But only in the fact that there is no such thing as a typical day in Chulucanas. One week to the next is a new adventure with new things to learn everyday. It is something that I have come to love about being down here. Never really knowing what type of interesting and amazing circumstance you will find yourself in from one day to the next. This is always true in our teaching.

Currently we are teaching first grade through sixth grade in Santa Rita in Morropon. We are teaching English to around 500 hundred children every Thursday and Friday. The trip to get out to Morropon is an interesting one that begins with a 5:45 wake up call, which is mighty early for me. Then we hop in a car and head to the bridge. Now the bridge is really only half a bridge, with a set of stairs in the middle. After getting out of the the car we could either be getting to these stairs on foot, donkey cart, or boat depending on how high the river is. Once up and across the bridge we jump into a mototaxi and head to school. All in all this takes about an hour to an hour and a half. I teach 5th and share 2nd grade with Katie. Let me tell you these kids have lots of energy just not so much motivation. I guess its just a difference a see between the education system in the US and here. Its tough to explain but its definatly a disadvantage for these kids. On example is when Katie and I were teaching the English alphabet to the second graders. They were having a difficult time and it was very frustrating. Then the teacher comes to us and says that its going to be very hard to teach these kids the English alphabet when they don’t know the Spanish one yet. What?!?!? They don’t know the SPANISH ALPHABET in second grade. So sometimes its frustrating trying to teach these kids. But I am seeing some improvement and that gives me hope.

With our time left here dwindling down I find myself wondering what have I done here. Have I done any good at all? Its a tough question that I still struggle to find the answer to. But Kevin Martin told me one good piece of advice, look at the relationships you’ve made down here and the good you’ve gotten and given from them. That is something that is tough to quantify but I know its out there. Maybe I won’t be able to really see it all till I’ve left this place. But I know that I am making every day I have left here count and not regretting anything. I hope this has given you some insight in to the madness I live in down here in Peru. I miss you all and can’t wait to see you. CÃao y cuidate.


Brenden Alexander

Chulucanas, Peru 2005-2006


Internationals 2005-2006

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