How My Spirituality has Grown

by d.madden / 29. January 2012 17:41

Kairos is supposed to bring you closer to your own self and to God and get you to treat each other the way Jesus would treat us. So when one of the guys steals another kid’s notebook, in which the kid wrote a letter to his dead father because it brought him comfort, and then berates that kid that he’s crying about losing something stupid, you question the retreat’s whole process. And by questioning the whole process, you question God’s presence on the retreat. But then you see what happens after, the whole rest of the group rallying behind that kid and telling him, “we will find your notebook.” And then they go and find it. And one of the cool guys stands up to that other cool guy who called the boy a whiner, and says, “I don’t care if it’s just a notebook, it was important to him.” You see God in that person who stood up for the other. You see God in those boys who stopped being tough and cool and started being someone. And you see it in all those other troubled boys who needed this retreat for guidance. They were the ones who began living up God’s image. That’s how my spirituality has grown. It’s grown from one kid who has had a history of struggles coming up to me at the end of the last retreat, giving me a hug, and saying, “thank you.” Kairos is much deeper than just being away from school and sharing your feelings. It focuses on opening yourself up to God, and when that happens, God really does work miracles. Miracles are people being an example for each other. For all the negative things I hear about the students at my school, when it comes down to it, they really do care about each other. Every day at school something good happens. The guys make me happy. My favorite part of the day is standing in the hallway in between classes. And I especially like seeing at school those guys I had on Kairos, for they show that going away for 4 days is worth it. Through my relationships with them, I’ve been able to be a part of God’s work in the world.

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