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Last Monday I started working at CEO Betania, an empowerment center in Chulucanas. Although I really enjoy teaching and computers, I dreaded going back after day one. I had 23 students in my class and was scheduled to teach 3 hours every day Monday through Friday. During the first class, I noticed some students knew a lot and expected to learn “theory” and for me to “dictate”. I could not help but worry and stress thinking I had no clue about computer theory or what I would dictate to them. I stared at a book with the parts of the computer and stressed even more thinking I was completely unqualified for this position.

On the first day of class, I had asked each of them to write on a piece of paper their previous experience with computers and why they were taking that class/what they wanted to learn. I took a glance at it after class, but as my stress grew, I could only think about how impossible this would be, how I wasn’t prepared to do such job, and how these students deserved a better teacher. 

On the second day, I asked how many were coming from outside of Chulucanas, and 13 raised their hands. Later during the break, I sat down with a group of students and learned that one of them traveled 25 minutes only to come to my class. She works on the field and this was her only way of continuing her studies. So that night, I went back and read their papers more carefully. Only 6 had a well-rounded computer experience, but 17 wrote none and/or that this was their first time learning. And most wrote to have a better future or be a better person as to why they were taking that class, something I wasn’t expecting.

I then realized what I had in front of me and the potential of this class. I began to think what taking this class meant for many of them, learning about something that could give them a better future. Their parents may not afford to send them somewhere else to a University, but they are doing their greatest effort to continue learning and progressing. 

As I was preparing for my third class, I became fascinated by how bites work, and remembered how much I like technology and how I truly find it fascinating. Later on that day I loved telling my students the difference between Kb, Mb, Gb, and Tb and had a great time in class. I was able to see how I’m making a direct impact on their lives by sharing with them something I believe is one of humanity’s best advancement. 

My first challenge as an AV was believing I was capable of doing my job. God put me here and I didn’t think I was good enough for it. The last line of the commitment statement I wrote before coming here says: “…and above all to trust God at all times”. Now, I realize I didn’t trust myself and I didn’t trust God. He knows I am capable of teaching and giving those students what they need. The answer to all of my stress (and probably all of my worries in general) was sitting in front of my bed all the time “trust God at all times”.

Cynthia Pompa

Chulucanas, Peru 2012


Internationals 2012

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