Age 22 / Boston College
Philly V.I.P.: Pro Bono Case Manager

Shane is from Kinnelon, NJ, a small town about 50 minutes outside New York City. He graduated Boston College with a bachelor’s degree in Economics...


“You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you.” ~St. Augustine

Augustinian Volunteers are young men and women in their twenties who have decided to spend a year dedicating themselves to living in community with their peers while serving the poor and needy throughout the U.S. and in Peru, and focusing on their relationship with God and their personal growth.

Our volunteers serve in educational settings in various capacities, as teachers, teacher’s aids, campus ministers, coaches and tutors. We also have volunteers who serve with social service agencies, interacting with homeless populations, teaching ESL, working with unwed mothers, educating children in orphanages and working in a variety of other areas.

Since the Augustinian Volunteers began in 2000, our volunteers have been graciously welcomed into the Augustinian family. These young men and women have been afforded many opportunities to get to know Augustinian friars and to serve in partnership with them. The program has become a great tradition, embraced by the communities served, and it has a vibrant legacy and a promising future.