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Danielle Callahan
Maureen Lynch
Age 23 / Boston University
St. Patrick School: PE/Computer Assistant
Danielle Callahan hails from Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania where she was born and raised. She graduated from Boston University with a BA in Sociology...
Alumni, join Philly volunteers and alumni for mass and socializing!
Alumni, join fellow Boston-area AV alumni for a gathering in the Merrimack Valley.
Augustinian Volunteers
Posted 7/6/2011

The Little Munchkins and the Three Minutes

I open my eyes to darkness. I'm up before the sun. I somehow get out of bed and look somewhat presentable in somewhat business casual (whatever that …

I Appreciate Cereal More

Someone asked me recently how I have grown by doing this year of service so far. My answer is simple: I appreciate Cereal more. I don’t …