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Rory Magargee
Will Rattigan
Brendan Dillon
Mike Bucaria
Tom Keefer
Nicole Lombardi
Mike McCormick
Sarah Dunbar
Brittany LaRose
Amy Rowland
Emma Lindberg
Abby MacDonald
Mary Beth Madden
Marissa D'Ambrosio
Kristin Van Spankeren
Rosie McCarty
Brittany Patten
Danielle Callahan
Maureen Lynch
Age 24 / Villanova University
Catholic Charities: Case Worker
Rosie McCarty, originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, graduated from Villanova University in May 2014. While at Villanova, Rosie studied English...
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Augustinian Volunteers
Posted 7/6/2011

Comfort zone? Where?

My heart was beating fast. My hands were clammy. I was caught up in my own thoughts.  These are all symptoms, I have discovered, of being …

Help! My Rabbits Are Still Peeing Blood.

It’s a Friday, and the phones are ringing like mad. It seems everyone in Ojai Valley has a crisis, and my boss Karen has been shooting all over …