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Brian Omastiak
Martha Pannepacker
Taylor De La Pena
Ryan Masserano
Nicole Quirk
Marie Graney
Greg Tosto
Francis Cunningham
Kiely Kreitzberg
Patty Boland
Derik Velasco
Deena Prescavage
Megan Telfer
Tori White
Clare Spence
Elise Zajicek
Bridget Hennessy
Age 24 / Villanova University
St. Patrick School: PE/Computer Assistant
Brian Omastiak is Southside of Chicago born and raised. At St. Rita High School and Villanova University was where he spent most of his days. After...
Augustinian Volunteers
Posted 7/6/2011

Home Is Where My Heart Is

2,687.3 miles… That is how far I am from the place that I have called home for the past 25 years. Before last year I never thought about …

The Power of Flexibility

“In kindergarten, we have to be flexible. Not every day can be the same and we have to be open to change.  So, what do we have to be, …